Valentine's Day Red Velvet Cookie Cake

Valentine's Day Red Velvet Cookie Cake

Growing up, one of my grandmother's go-to cakes was always icebox cake.  Her traditional recipe called for chocolate pudding, layered over graham crackers and sliced bananas. When you refrigerate the cake, it moistens the graham crackers, and then you slice it into delicious pieces of heavenly cake. 

A couple of years ago, I came across THIS recipe from Martha Stewart. She essentially did the same thing, creating an icebox cake made with layers of chocolate chip cookies and a sweetened whipped cream and mascarpone cheese mixture; oh yeah and a shot of whisky in there to give it a little added kick.  The final result, a surprisingly light and utterly delicious dessert.  

So I thought I would create a red velvet version for Valentine's Day.  

 In order to make this cake you first need to make your cookies. 

HERE is the recipe I used for the red velvet chocolate chip cookies. I made two batches and made the cookies using only a tablespoon of dough for each ball.  Be sure to read these instructions carefully; you must refrigerate the cookie dough before rolling it.  

You want to make your cookies and let them completely cool.  This recipe is great because you can make the cookies ahead of time, or even make extra batches and freeze them for the future.  

When your cookies are cooled, you can then make your whipped cream mixture. I used Martha's original recipe for this because it is amazing! If you can't find, or don't want to use, mascarpone cheese (which is essentially an Italian cream cheese), you can use regular cream cheese. I do strongly encourage you to get the mascarpone though, it is REALLY good. 

Okay, so now you have all of your components ready...time for the layering!

Be sure to build your cake on whatever plate you plan on serving it on because you won't be able to transfer it without ruining the cake. 

Create a circular base of cookies, fill in the circle with more cookies, creating an even layer. 

Next, scoop some of the whipped cream and smooth a layer of cream.

Repeat with a layer or cookies, then cream. Continue layering until you have used all of your cookies.

Top the cake with one last layer of cream and some chocolate shavings or chips for garnish. 

Refidgerate the cake overnight. This step is essential. The cookies must absorb the moisture from the cream in order to make them soft. 

When the cake is ready, you can slice into it just like you would a regular cake.

Enjoy with your loved ones!!

Happy Valentines Day!!





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