Cherry Love Floats

Cherry Love Floats

I rarely ever drink soda, but if I do drink soda it's going to be in dessert form, and in this case a delicious cherry, chocolatey, creamy float!!

I grew up on a Foxon Park Beverages, a local soda company here in Connecticut.  As a child my all time favorite flavor was cherry.  I thought for Valentines Day, I would go back to some classic flavors from my childhood to make a delicious treat my whole family could enjoy.

Here are the ingredients you need:

Foxon Park Cherry Soda (for you locals, they are out of East Haven and can be found in many grocery stores, delis, and pizza restaurants).  If you are not local, any cherry soda will do.  I know Polar brand makes a black cherry, which is delicious, and would work as well. 

Vanilla Ice Cream (I personally like Haagen Dazs the best).

Godiva Chocolate Liquor (optional, if you would like to add to your float to make it an adult cocktail).

Red Vines Licorice (These you can bite both ends off of and use like a straw. I like them better than other popular licorice brands because they have a more classic old fashioned licorice flavor.)


Pour your soda into a large glass ( I like using beer steins or mason jars). Do NOT fill to top.  Leave room because the ice cream will make the soda fizz up and overflow. 

Scoop a large scoop of ice cream and gently place into soda.

Pour a shot of Godiva Chocolate Liquor over the top (optional).

Insert Red Vine licorice.

You may also top with chocolate sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, a maraschino cherry, or whipped cream if you would like!

Enjoy with the ones you love!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!




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