Mini Spring Home Tour

Mini Spring Home Tour

I totally get my motivation to decorate for the holidays from my mother.  She had those Annalee dolls literally for every single holiday and would always really go all out decorating the house and making everything look super festive.  Although I appreciate and have fond childhood memories of the Annalee dolls, I thought it was only fair to let my brother have them for his house, wink, wink. 

As I have mentioned in other posts, I try my darnedest to decorate in a three crazy children and (even crazier) dog-friendly kind of way. 

My dining room tends to get the most love because my DIY hutch is always a lot of fun to jazz up.  

So let's start there...

Most of the items were purchased over the past few years at Home Goods, Joann's, and Target. Some items are vintage (like the pink glass cake plate and urn). 

For my table I was excited to fill my large vintage dough bowl with something good. I started off with only yellow flowers but after going to Joann's for something totally different, I ended coming home with the purple flowers and little nests. I am very pleased with the final result! 

My kitchen island doesn't get decorated too crazy because it gets SO much use and things are always all over it. I keep this wicker bowl from Home Goods there all of the time and just change what I fill it with for the appropriate season or holiday. I purchased the grass and eggs in the picture below at Big Lots. I also tend to always have a candle on my island and a candy bowl, which is meant for guests, but I unfortunately end up chipping away at it daily. Wonderful. 

And, yes, I know there are cracks in my counter!! They are concrete and are supposed to have a more industrial look, and we were told that is normal. What is not normal is my lack of barstools because my children climb them and cannot safely get down. Sooo my island stools now reside in my gated off foyer.  Baby proofing at it's finest, people! 

In our family room, I just added a cute bunny banner to the mantle, I think I bought the banner at either Target or Joann's last year. 

In my downstairs guest bathroom, I have a black frame hanging over the toilet. For every season or holiday I go online and find a cute free printable to put into the frame, this is a cheap and easy way to update your decor and not spend any money! I also found this cute little pot with a nest and flowers in it for 50 cents at a church tag sale! 

I do also update my couch pillows with springy pillow covers from Pottery Barn but my couch is currently a fort right now so sorry no pics :( . 

So that sums up my mini spring/Easter decor home tour! I have some outdoor decorating to do, but March in Connecticut still gets snow so I am waiting for spring to officially set in! Wishing you a very Happy Spring and Happy Easter!



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