Stop Talking Sh*t

Stop Talking Sh*t

1. Stop Talking Sh*t

Yup, that's my first new year's resolution and here's why... For starters, negativity just breeds more negativity. Secondly, I am getting just too old and tired for the drama.  Recently, I have surrounded myself with genuinely good and positive people who have more to talk about than just, well you know, shit.  Am I going to sit here and say I am NEVER going to complain, vent, or speak a word of gossip? No.  But I am sure as heck going to make it a point to be more consciously aware of the topics and tones of the conversations I am engaging in. 

2. Healthier Diet and Exercise

If you read my last post on my review of the 21 Day Fix, you will know that I am a fan and it worked well for me. I am in a sugary, tired, dazed and unhealthy slump so it's time to make change again. I will be starting The 21 Day Fix again, if you'd like to join in, see what I am eating, etc., then following me on Instagram stories is your best bet.  I look forward  to getting back into a healthier lifestyle not only for myself but for my husband and kiddos. 

3. Have a set personal care routine

I have shared on Instagram how I have been neglecting my skin and really could use a good skin care regimen. Recently, I have sampled a few different products and also gathered some information from friends and other bloggers on what their favorite products are. I plan on having a better night time routine of washing my face and applying creams, etc.  Again, I will share what I am doing/using on Instagram. 

4. Less time on social media/more purposeful use of screen time

I get SUUUUCKED into social media, especially at night. I should be working on my own posts, but instead I'm just scrolling and scrolling along. It is a huge time suck and I end up going to bed way too late because of it, not to mention I don't even have anything to show for it in the morning! I plan on being more purposeful when on my social media and even setting a timer so I am not on for too long. I also quite honestly follow way too many people on Instagram. I love them and there are so many talented and inspiring people, but it is just too much. I am likely going to write a separate post on who I follow and why and spend my time really only browsing the people I like the most. 

5. Better morning routine for myself and my children

Mornings are pretty hectic around here. I get all three children ready for school by myself and getting out the door in the morning is CRAZY.  I am really bad and don't make lunches at night or pull out their clothes the night before. I need to get more organized in the evening so that the things I can have control over in the morning (lunches and clothing), are already done in advance. 

6. Spend Less Money

Because sometimes I just buy crap I don't really need.  This also goes along with who I am following on social media, it is hard to follow a lot of the fashion, beauty, and home decor bloggers and not want to buy errythang!!! The. struggle. is. real. But truth be told, I often sing myself the wise words from the Rolling Stones, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need!" Amen. 

7.  Grow my faith

We started attending a new church in the fall once we moved to our new home. The community of people has been truly amazing, our pastor nails the sermon, every single week!  Having a degree in history I am honestly having a hard time figuring out what I do and don't believe in, but one thing is for sure, I do believe in working to be a better person and attending this church has really inspired me to not just want to be better, but to actually DO things to be better. 

8. Refocus the direction of my blog

I am actually going to discuss this topic in more detail in a separate post, so stay tuned for that!

So those seem like slightly lofty goals for the new year, but I am going to certainly give them all a try! 

What are your resolutions?!



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