No, I Don't Always have my Sh** Together

No, I Don't Always have my Sh** Together

So I took these pictures yesterday (Monday), but didn't want to post this because I had already scheduled my holiday card post and photographer's tips post (3 posts in one day would be a bit much, don't ya think?!)

However, I was eager to post these because I had made a pledge in my "Story Behind the Robe" that I would try not to post overly styled and unrealistic images of my daily life. I will openly admit that lately it does appear as if I have been showing you a bit of a highlight reel. 

I do clean my house for parties, try to pick up on the regular, and like I said take the occasional shower. Yes, I can clean everybody up pretty well, but don't get it twisted,  my house on any given day of the week likely looks like these pictures!!

Oh yeah and now that it's flipping freezing and my kids all have colds,  I have become the human tissue, so the green robe is on... all day. 

So to all you momma's out there who have left comments like "You are superwoman, I don't know how you do it?" or "My house doesn't look like that when my kids play with play-doh," and " I can't remember the last time I wore my hair down, how do you have the time?" here's the reality check! 

Thank you ladies for reminding me why I started this blog in the first place and what my mission is: to be relatable and helpful in whatever ways I can be.  Am I going to stop posting my more put together moments? No. But please be assured that I will do my best to keep it real and show you that I am just like everyone else, and share in the struggle when it comes to getting my sh** together.  

So if that doesn't convince you here are more pics of my house, #pleasedontjudgeme. 


The dining room table now in the aftermath of Friendsgiving. 

The laundry room... and the piles in need of folding (and putting away). 

Our playroom, looking decent because we really like to play with toys in the family room and kitchen. 

My kitchen island - I swear there is a counter under there. Oh yeah, our barstools are currently residing in our foyer because our daughter climbs them, then climbs on top of the island, awesome. 

So props to all the bloggers who take outfit selfie's everyday in their mirrors with their perfectly made beds in the background...this is my bed most days. 

Happy short week!!



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