Grinch Themed Family Halloween Costumes 2016

Grinch Themed Family Halloween Costumes 2016

So earlier this month I posted our family's themed Halloween costumes from the past three years (see that post HERE). 

This year's Halloween costume theme was inspired by two factors. First factor being that when I first started dating my husband (we are both high school history teachers), one of my student's protested saying I could not possibly date him because he looked like a Who from Whoville and we would end up with little Who babies. 

Interestingly enough, I always thought that my daughter Kensington, from the time she was born, reminded me of Cindy Lou.  So my plan was, as soon as she was big enough to walk in the costume, that's what she'd be! 

So Atia (my former student), your prediction was dead on! Here I am with my little Who family!!

(The Grinch, Cindy Lou, Max the dog/reindeer, and a couple of wacky Who parents)



Details on how I pulled off these costumes for as cheap as possible, because that is how I roll when it comes to costumes! 

Who Parents:

I borrowed some ugly sweaters from some friends. For my hair, I put an empty water bottle in the center of my head, pulled my hair up over it and tied it off with an elastic. I also added a leftover bow from my Christmas wrapping supplies.

Cost: Zero Dollars

Cindy Lou Who:

I purchased pink fabric on sale at JoAnn's for $5.09. My mother's friend, who is a seamstress, made the costume for us and charged only 10 dollars. For the large plastic ornament, I found this at Wal-Mart for 4.98. Ribbon for her hair was $1.00 at JoAnn's.  We already owned pink sneakers and I just put her in some pink clothes underneath.

Max the Dog/Reindeer:

I found the reindeer fuzzy one piece at Carter's for 16 dollars, the hat was 7 dollars, but both pieces can be used for the winter anyway, so it's not a total waste of money on a wear once costume. 

The Grinch:

The green pajamas are ninja turtle (from Kohls) that we already owned, we just had him wear the the shirt backwards so there was no turtle print showing.  The slippers were from Carter's for $10.80. The green fuzzy fabric was from Joann's and cost $2.43.  The red fleece sweatshirt I purchased at a local children's consignment shop (Once Upon a Child) for $3.72 and adhered large cotton balls (which I already had) with some fabric glue. The Santa Hat (which he refused to wear) we already owned, as well as the red sack. The face make up for both the Grinch and Max was a face paint kit that I found at Dollar Tree for only a buck!. 

So the grand total for our family of 5's themed Halloween costumes, came to $62.02.

This was the most I have spent yet, but I don't feel so bad that the more expensive items (reindeer fuzzy one piece, reindeer hat, monster slippers, and large ornament) could all be used again.

Hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!! 



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