A Photographer's List of Tips for a Family Photo Session

A Photographer's List of Tips for a Family Photo Session

I specifically went over a whole bunch of tips on planning for a family holiday card in THIS post. 

Our awesome family photographer Sandy owner of Perceptions Photography was kind enough to let me share the advice and tips she offers to her clients when planning for a family photo session.  

Here is what she suggests to her clients...


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Tips for a family photo session


Relax … don’t let yourselves get stressed!  How to avoid a stress-free photo session?



Choose your clothing in advance and have things ready to go on photo day!

§  Some tips:

·      Consider the personality of your family and what you want to express in your session (Fun and feisty, choose coordinating colors but avoid being too matchy; Soft/elegant choose colors that are neutral).

·      Skin tones … try to avoid very light colors if skin tones are extremely pale or white and dark colors if skin tones are very dark.

·      Bring props or accessories to add some character (i.e. scarves/hats, etc.).

      • Be comfortable.
      • Consider weather … warmer or colder temperatures. 
      • Understand the environment and grounds of the session location to plan for appropriate footwear.



Be sure your photographer knows what style and kind of session you want.  Ask questions about where, how, when, what time of day is best.  An experienced professional photographer should have the answers to these questions and offer several good recommendations.


Be Creative

·      Are there activities that the family likes to do together?  Think about bringing the activity into part of the session (i.e. special board game, sport, craft).

·      Is there a family pet that should be part of the session?  If so, try to consider bringing a sitter for the pet for the session.


Rest and Nourishment

Plan your session around best time of day, especially with younger children.  Everyone should be well rested and have had a good snack prior to arriving to avoid fatigue and crankiness. 


Have Fun

·      Laugh, tickle, giggle, enjoy each other.  Don’t hesitate to play with your children like you do at home. 

·      Don’t worry if everyone is not smiling or looking directly at the camera.  Often these make for the best and more natural/candid photos.

Photo by Perceptions Photography

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post all opinions are my own. 

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