A Tribal Birthday for Two

A Tribal Birthday for Two

Our twins turned two this past February 2nd and I was of course eager to choose another fun theme! Last year for their first birthday we had a "Lumber Jack and Jill" themed party, you can check out the details for that party HERE.

Since they are still little and don't really gravitate towards any specific characters, I was able to tackle the fun task of finding a gender neutral theme that is indoor friendly since it is February in New England! 

I began my search on Pinterest and came across a whole bunch of really adorable tribal/Native American/Pow-Wow style parties.  I loved all of the different ideas for desserts, decor, and since these stinking play teepees are so popular, I figured it would be relatively easy to find items to throw together.

Truth be told, I was very last minute with planning and crafting for this party. I literally made only two shopping trips out to grab everything, so it was two big swoops and I was done. 

So I knew I wanted a teepee, which was a great move because the kids had such a blast playing in it. I did want to kick it up a notch though and while brainstorming my decor ideas, I had recalled Target at one point having a stuffed pillow campfire set. I googled and found it was no longer available. There is a similar set available HERE, but I was not willing to spend that much. I am lucky enough to have a super crafty friend who was able to sew the fire for me with extra felt she had and the logs she made with fabric that I had used to make my twins log costumes when we were lumberjacks for Halloween.  The teepee is from Pottery Barn Kids, the faux fur rug from Target, pillow from Target and bear from Target. 


On our mantle, I strung a printable banner, which I purchased as a whole printable party package from THIS shop on Etsy (JannaSalakDesigns). I also hung dream catchers on each end of the mantle, which I believe were purchased at the dollar store several years ago. I found these cool arrow decorations at Michaels crafts so I added one to my existing mantle decor just to go along with the theme. 

On our trunk side table, I placed this cool feather picture and frame that I found HERE at Target. I also hung a little dream catcher from that as well. 

I used one table for both drinks and party favors. I made bags of trail mix and oversized crispy rice treats for favors. 

For the trail mix I just used plain paper lunch bags, and I have an alphabet rubber stamp kit and stamped out the words "trail mix". I found the dream catcher stamp at Michael's for one dollar!!


For the crispy rice treats, I always make a double batch and put the double batch into a 9x13 inch glass baking dish. I made two dishes so four batches total. To decorate them, I used Wilton candy melts and a squeeze bottle.  


For the drinks, I had little glass milk bottles that I purchased at Michael's. I tied some bakers twine around them and feathers to make them look more festive. The straw flags and water bottle wrappers were part of the printable party package I bought on Etsy. The custom picks were made by my friend Angela from Just a Spoonful of Sparkle. Angela also made the arrow banner that hung in front of this table, and the teepee banner that hung above this table. 

I used a plain white table cloth and then purchased gray fabric with little arrows on it from Joann's to use as a runner.

I set the desserts up on my dining room hutch. To decorate the shelves, I purchased some feathers from Joann's. The rustic "D" and "K" I found at Michael's, as well as the little metal arrows. The little teepees, I actually found in the fairy garden section of Joann's. 

The custom cutouts and "Two" banner were made by Angela from Just a Spoonful of Sparkle. 

I bought the wood log slices from Michael's. The thin trays the cookies were served on were from Target. 

The cupcake toppers that I placed on the wild berry cups and the food tent labels were part of the printable party package.

Dessert details! No cake pops this time! I know, so not like me, but I was trying to make things a little easier on myself. 

The gorgeous and AMAZING cake was made by a close family friend who went to school to be a pastry chef.  She just graduated and got her first job and wanted to make the twins birthday cake! It tasted just as good as it looks! Thank you so much Sam!! xo

I made little Oreo dirt cups and topped them with sugar cones that I decorated with candy melts to make them look like teepees. At the tops, I adhered some little pieces of pretzel sticks. 

The sugar cookies were made by my awesome and multi-talented mother in law.  Check out my other parties under the "parties" tab to see her other amazing creations. She uses the Alton Brown sugar cookie recipe, which she feels, and we all agree, is THE best. 

I also made little wild berry parfaits using lady fingers, fresh berries, and whipped cream. 

All of my paper good were purchased at Target. The arrow candle holders I found at Joann's. 

All three of my kids "tribal" styled outfits were from Carter's. My daughter Kensington's feather hair bow was custom made by Angela from Just a Spoonful of Sparkle. Her fringe purse was handmade by Native Americans and my parents purchased it when they were out in Steamboat, Colorado.

And finally a sentimental moment...I went picking through my grandmother's basement because when I was younger, I loved and was always intrigued by Native American culture, history, and  "stuff". I had a lot of dream catchers, dolls, jewelry etc.  My parents would take us to the Berkshires often and I would have a field day at the Mohawk Trail gift shop. I was hoping to come across some of my old collectibles, but surprisingly I didn't find a lot.  What I did find was this old doll that was actually my mother's when she was a child. Interestingly enough the doll has two little babies strapped to her back. I wasn't going to put her out, but my brother placed her on my kitchen window sill with my other "mom" figurines.  To be celebrating a second birthday with these two babies is a miracle for a whole lot of reasons. As explained in many more separate blog posts, I can't help but share how INCREDIBLY blessed and grateful I feel every single day for the life I share with my family. Yes, the crafting above was fun and I'll continue to do it because that's part of the crazy that lives inside of me. But I cannot express how this picture and this image resonated with me.  There is something very tribal about being a mom, and I am happy and thrilled to be carrying these babies on my back (both literally and figuratively) for as long as they need me to, and you too Greyson, xo. 

Happy Second Birthday Declan and Kensington!!



Awesome photography courtesy of tomnaclerio.com

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