Holiday Beverage Bar Ideas

Holiday Beverage Bar Ideas

Hey Friends!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this post!! I recently met up with another Connecticut blogger, the fabulous Sarah O'Brien from Connecticut In Style, to work on a little collaboration for the holidays.

We weren't exactly sure what holiday season project we wanted to tackle so we met at our local IKEA in New Haven, CT to have a brief meeting and brainstorm some ideas. We chatted about the type of entertaining and hosting we both do around the holidays and found that we shared equal enthusiasm for the idea of having beverage bars or drink stations. We both agreed that having beverage stations allows us more time to mingle and socialize with our guests versus being a bartender all evening. Not to mention they are fun and adorable to set up! Win - win!

Sarah and I at IKEA. 

Sarah and I at IKEA. 

Our task in a nutshell:

To design two totally different beverage bars - one adult themed mimosa bar and one kid friendly hot chocolate bar.

The catch is we had to purchase several of the same items from IKEA for our bars and show how we styled and utilized the items in two different ways.

The items we both used from IKEA were:

A Large Tin Tub

Small Tin Plant Pots

A Glass Cookie Jar

Glass Beverage Containers: My Container, Sarah's Containers

String Lights

We totally purchased and were going to incorporate these cute little trees into our designs but we both killed them, whoops! 

We totally purchased and were going to incorporate these cute little trees into our designs but we both killed them, whoops! 

Sarah decided to take on the task of creating and designing the adult beverage bar... a champagne mimosa bar with all kinds of yummy fruits, nectars, and sorbets to compliment a glass of bubbly! For all of the full details and her gorgeous set up click HERE! 

Sneak peek of Sarah's Mimosa Bar:


I designed a kid-friendly (but truth be told adults love it too) hot cocoa bar.  I filled my large thermos dispenser with THIS homemade hot cocoa.

I used the smaller tins from IKEA to hold the toppings/mix ins (butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips, Snowmen Marshmallows, and chocolate dipped peppermint sticks).

The large tub I used to hold whipped cream, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. 

For some additional goodies, I also served some orange juice in an IKEA glass bottle, limited edition Christmas Cookie Milk from a local grocery store, Stew Leonards (this cookie flavored milk is INSANELY good), and homemade ginger snap cookies, recipe for those HERE

The glass milk bottles I purchased on sale at Joann's. 

I looked around for the perfect mugs and I was finding that in most places those cute Santa mugs were around 6 bucks each. I was totally psyched when I found these adorable mugs at our local Dollar Tree!! I honestly love them even more than many of the other pricier options I was checking out. 

I purchased the little chalkboard sticker labels, a chalk marker, striped paper doilies, and the red and white bakers twine all at Michael's

The small wooden spoons I found at HomeGoods.

The "Hot Cocoa Bar" sign I had my friend Angela, from Just A Spoonful of Sparkle, custom make for me. I taped it up with cute Christmas tree washi tape that I found in the dollar bin at Target

I set up this bar on my dining room hutch and honestly will leave it set up throughout the winter. I know that when guests come over (or when my son wants hot chocolate after playing outside in the snow) it will certainly be used. 

I strung the IKEA globe lights along the top of my hutch. 

I strung the IKEA globe lights along the top of my hutch. 


I absolutely love how both of these beverage bars came out. We truly used inexpensive items to create them, which just goes to show you that you don't need to spend a ton of money to entertain fabulously! 


So whether you are bottoms up with a glass of champs or snuggled in with a mug of cocoa, cheers to you and enjoying your holidays with your loved ones!! 






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